Completion Engineers Juergen Floercke and Peter Daly

The Oil and Gas Completion Experts

  • Juergen Floercke
  • Peter Daly

    When timing and expertise can mean the difference between millions of dollars invested wisely or millions squandered through inefficiency, our experience, international reputation and reliability is our best calling card.

    Together, or independently, we are available with the experience to offer a broad range of oil and gas services from project management to drilling and completion.

    We've worked for the industry's best and are completely at home in any office or field environment.

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    JUERGEN FLOERCKE & PETER DALY are respected international names in the Oil and Gas industry with years of experience as Completion Engineers, PETROLEUM PRODUCTION ENGINEERS and Petroleum Engineering Consultants. With headquarters out of Calgary, Alberta and Salt Spring, British Columbia, their expertise is recognized for its domestic and international office and field work. They seek out work projects ranging from well testing, stimulation, sand control, artificial lift, production logging, perforation and project management and are well versed in procurement and contract management, consulting in a number of specialty areas as specialists in completion engineering, testing, stimulation and drilling oil wells